Bracelet with gemstones


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This handcrafted product is exclusively made for our museums and help women in Nepal. Made with love for you, with respect for Mother Earth.

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With different gemstones, styles and powers to choose from. There’s a bracelet for everyone!

Power & Creativity: black onyx and labradorite represents focus, confidence, inner strength, consciousness, reflection and attracts success. White metal beads.

Friendship & Communication: blue lace agate and lapis lazuli represents inner peace, honesty, communication, friendship, connection and wisdom. Brass beads.

Healing & Miracles: moonstone and chalcedony represents female wisdom, protection, personal growth, emotional balance and energy. White metal beads.

Selflove & Female power: rose quartz and moonstone represents love, harmony, kindness, female wisdom, protection and personal growth. Brass beads.

Healing power

Power & Creativity, Friendship & Communication, Healing & Miracles, Selflove & Female power


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