Healing Power

From February 18, 2021 to June 6, 2022, the exhibition Healing Power in the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam will showcase a range of healing rituals around the world, based on objects from Europe, South America to the Arctic regions. Six different ritual specialists take you into the stories behind the traditions. As spirituality often serves as a source of inspiration for artists, Healing Power also features modern art. For example, spiritual objects from the museum collection such as shaman coats, amulets, wool thread paintings from the Huichol (one of the indigenous Mexican cultures) have been brought together with work by artists such as Damian Hirst, Marina Abramovic and Jorge Mañes Rubio. The absolute eye-catcher is Luke Jerram’s full moon illustration.

Dutch Museum Gift Shop offers a selection of products from the museum shop that were designed for this exhibition. From a smudge set to Inner Compass Cards or gemstones with a special power; these spiritual products are full of healing power and are perfect gifts for a loved one or for yourself.

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