Free shipping in the Netherlands on orders from € 75,- (more info)

Order and delivery

When do I receive my order?

We, the museums and the delivery services do everything to deliver on the promised delivery time. In the unlikely event that we fail, we will inform you. Keep an eye on your Track & Trace for the most current information. Not received (everything)? We cannot always ship all items from one order at the same time. In your account you can see if we sent everything at the same time. If we have sent everything, it is best to contact our customer service.

How quickly will I receive an order?

Nothing is more important than the delivery time. That is why you see before you order something when we deliver the item. You usually have items in stock the next day. Items that are not in stock take a little longer.

Do you have a delivery address outside the Netherlands or Belgium?
Then your article will be on the road longer. This table is a good guideline:

Country Delivery time (NL) + Extra delivery time
Germany, Luxembourg 1-2 business day + 2 to 3 working days
Other EU countries, Norway, Switzerland 1-2 business day + 3 to 4 working days
Other European countries 1-2 business day + 7 to 9 working days
North and Central America, Caribbean 1-2 business day + 5 to 12 working days
Asia, Australia, New Zealand 1-2 business day + 9 to 12 working days
Other countries 1-2 business day + 8 to 10 working days

I did not order anything, but I did receive a package

Are your name and address on the box? Then check whether there is a payment instruction with the order.

No payment instruction
Then it is probably a gift. If the item is wrapped in gift wrap, you may also have received a personal greeting.

However, a payment instruction
Then it is an incorrect order. Please contact customer service.

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I cannot find my order with Track & Trace

You click faster than the postal company could process! Your Track & Trace code will be available from the next day.

What is a tracking code?

We mark an order with a Track & Trace code. Super convenient, because this way you can see when the delivery person comes by. It is also your proof of shipping. If something goes wrong, we can see where it is with the Track & Trace code.

Who delivers my order?

We work together with PostNL in the Netherlands. For other countries, we work together with other postal companies. Some museums send the packages themselves. These can also cooperate with other delivery parties.

Free shipping in the Netherlands

When you have your order delivered in the Netherlands, it can be eligible for free shipping, however:

  • The value of the order must be €75 or higher.
  • The items in the order should be shipped from the same location.

This last statement requires some extra explanation. The museums that participate in Dutch Museum Gift Shop either send the products themselves or have delegated the fulfilment to our fulfilment partner. If you order items from multiple museums the cart and/or checkout page can show multiple entries for shipping; this means that the order is shipped from multiple locations and might therefore not be (fully) eligible for free shipping. If however, the value of the items shipped from one of those locations is  €75 or higher, that part of the order will still be eligible for free shipping.