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Bracelet with gemstones


These handcrafted bracelets with gemstones are exclusively made for our museums. They are made with love for you by women in Nepal, with respect for Mother Earth. Your purchase helps these Nepalese women in their livelihood.

Sold by Wereldmuseum
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You buy from our partner Wereldmuseum. The seller is the first contact person for questions and return conditions after purchase. You can order and pay via dutchmuseumgiftshop.nl.

What you can expect:

  • Order and pay via dutchmuseumgiftshop.nl
  • This product will be shipped by Dutch Museum Gift Shop for Wereldmuseum.
  • Legal guarantee via Wereldmuseum.
  • 30 days reflection period.

Client Services

You can also easily contact us if you buy from a partner. Ask your questions via the order in your account, the customer service page or view the seller's page.


These bracelets with gemstones were handcrafted by women in Nepal for our museum shop. You can choose out of four varieties of these bracelets. Each offers different stones, styles and powers to choose from. There’s a bracelet for everyone!

Power & Creativity: This bracelet comes with black onyx and labradorite on a base of white metal beads. These gemstones represent focus, confidence, inner strength, consciousness, reflection and attracts success.

Friendship & Communication: This bracelet comes with blue lace agate and lapis lazuli on a base of brass beads. These gemstones represent inner peace, honesty, communication, friendship, connection and wisdom.

Healing & Miracles: This bracelet comes with moonstone and chalcedony on a base of white metal beads. These gemstones represent female wisdom, protection, personal growth, emotional balance and energy.

Self Love & Female power: This bracelet comes with rose quartz and moonstone on a base of brass beads. These gemstones represent love, harmony, kindness, female wisdom, protection and personal growth.

If you are interested in the power of gemstones, the museum shop also offers a pendulum made of rock crystal and sodalite.

Weight0,2 kg
Dimensions9 × 12 × 1,5 cm
Healing power

Power & Creativity, Friendship & Communication, Healing & Miracles, Selflove & Female power


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