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What delivery options can I choose?

Depending on the delivery address, size and weight of the total order, the correct delivery rates are calculated. For deliveries in the Netherlands of orders of € 75 or more, no shipping costs will be charged. Depending on the type of fulfillment a museum uses for its products, additional processing costs may be charged. These possible additional costs are mentioned at the checkout.

How do I order something?

In 3 easy steps:

  1. Put an item in your shopping cart and go to order.
  2. Check and arrange your order. Think of the address, delivery date and packing service.
  3. Round up by paying. This is possible with iDEAL, or credit card


  • If you do not have an account yet, you can create this during ordering. Our employees cannot place an order for you by telephone.
  • If you have a problem when ordering, please delete your cookies and try again. You can find instructions on how to delete cookies in our cookie policy.
  • Do you want to place an order for larger quantities? Then request a quote
How soon will I be refunded if my order fails?

That your order failed can have several causes. How quickly the money is in your account depends on the reason for your failed order and your payment method:

technical failure

iDEAL or afterwards: within 3 working days
Credit card: within 5 working days

transaction expired

with iDEAL payment: topped up within 1 hour. Tip: check the value in your account

What can I do if I accidentally ordered an item several times?

If your order has not yet been shipped, you can cancel and then order the correct one. If your order has been shipped, you can return it or refuse it at the door.

Can I still change the order that I have already placed?

No, an order can no longer be modified to protect your data. If your order has not yet been shipped, you can cancel it.

Was my order successful because I have not received a confirmation?

Is your order added to your account? Then it worked.

If you ordered more than 45 minutes ago and you have not received a confirmation and there is nothing in your account, please contact customer service. And do not worry: if money has been debited, we will automatically refund you.

How does the product range on DMGS come about?

Dutch Museum Gift Shop works together with museums and offers them a platform to sell the products from their museum shop online. The museums manage their own product offerings and are responsible for their inventory, shipping and compliance with the law. These museums themselves determine which products they place on the website, whereby they receive advice from DMGS.

DMGS “curates” the products: we can choose to manually place products higher or lower in the catalog view or make them featured. Criteria are:

  • How new is the product – newly placed products are often higher in the ranking than older products.
  • Topicality of the product – for example, is there an exhibition in one of the participating museums that relates to the product.
  • Special days – around Father’s Day, for example, we will pay more attention to products for fathers.

Related products are also shown for products. These related products are automatically selected based on the match with the product viewed – or have been manually linked to this product by us.

Why are there product reviews and how to we get them?

Reviews on are intended to share with other customers how you have experienced an article. Do you want to write a review? Keep these conditions in mind while writing and your review will be online soon.

We do not allow the following:

  • You did not buy the item via
  • Opinions or statements that have nothing to do with how you experienced the article
  • Comments only about the price, shipping and/or seller
  • Inappropriate language (for example, but not limited to: profanity, racist or terrorist statements, illness or corruption)
  • Links, whether or not as URL, to other websites
  • Discounts, commercial promotions, campaigns or price differences compared to other ( sellers or (online) stores

Dutch Museum Gift Shop will remove reviews if:

  • one or more conditions have not been complied with or has a reasonable suspicion of this.
  • the review is about product information that was incorrect at the time of purchase, but has since been corrected. To avoid confusing customers, we may choose to remove the review.

A negative experience is never a reason to disapprove or remove a review. If the review meets the conditions, it will be published. No matter how negative or positive it is.

How is the authenticity of reviews guaranteed?

At Dutch Museum Gift Shop we attach great importance to the integrity of our reviews. We take active measures to ensure that all reviews on our website are authentic and honest. Our process for ensuring the authenticity of reviews includes strict controls and security measures. We verify the identity of reviewers and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest between the reviewer and our company. This allows our customers to trust the reliability of the feedback they find on our website. We stand for transparency and integrity in all our business practices and remain committed to promoting fair and objective reviews.

Are paid reviews posted on the website?

Absolutely not. At Dutch Museum Gift Shop we have a strict policy whereby we do not post paid reviews on our website. We believe in honest and unbiased feedback from our customers, and we value the integrity of our reviews. All reviews you find on our website come from real customers who voluntarily share their experiences. We are committed to transparency and honesty, and our goal is to provide our customers with reliable information to make informed decisions.

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