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A pendulum can answer questions from your subconscious mind. It indicates what your heart wants deep inside. The pendulum responds to small nerve reactions in your fingers, causing it to move in a certain direction. You decide in advance which movement of the shuttle means what. For example, back and forth is “yes” and a round is “no”.


The rock crystal pendant with silver plated chain works neutralizing and purifying. Rock crystal protects against radiation. Gives extra strength.

The sodalite pendant with silver plated chain gives you insight into yourself. Sodalite takes care of self-acceptance, self-respect and self-confidence. Helps to improve your intuition.

The amethyst pendant with silver plated chain has a protective and purifying effect. The stone promotes self-insight and helps you to be honest with yourself. This stone is also very suitable for purifying a room because of its cleansing effect. Removes tension from the body.

Healing Power

Rock Crystal, Sodalite, Amethyst


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