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From October 8, 2021 to March 27, 2022 the Drents Museum presents the major art exhibition Viva la Frida! – Life and art of Frida Kahlo. Selected products related to this exhibition are now available via de Dutch Museum Gift Shop

The Drents Museum shows a view of the world and offers the world a view of Drenthe. The museum belongs to and for everyone. The museum aims to be of international significance and to offer an enriching experience to as many people as possible with stories about archeology, art and history.

In the exhibition Viva la Frida! is a unique combination of Kahlo’s art and personal objects on display. For this, the Drents Museum works together with Museo Dolores Olmedo and Museo Frida Kahlo (formerly known as Casa Azul, the Blue House) in Mexico City. These collections are supplemented with some loans from other collections.

The Mexican Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is without a doubt one of the best known and most loved artists in the world. Her impressive artworks, turbulent life and special lifestyle make Kahlo a worldwide icon and cult figure. Due to a serious bus accident, she has undergone a large number of surgeries over the years and is in great pain. What always gives her the strength to continue is her great love for art, for her husband the artist Diego Rivera and for Meico and his folk culture.

For the exhibition the museum has selected exclusive products that are now on offer on DMGS. You can buy a beautiful woven wool scarf from the Dutch brand Silkroute inspired by the works of Kahlo. Or find your ideal shopping bag with Frida’s Self Portrait with Hummingbird. The hand-crocheted Frida doll, with flower in the hair and the famous mono-blue, is a must for every art-loving nursery.

If you’re less into Frida Kahlo, but are into Drenthe, the museum also offers products that relate more to local history and culture. For instance, find out the history of the Yde Girl or find out about artists who painted on location in Drenthe from the 18th and 19th century up until the 20th.

With the arrival of the Drents Museum, DMGS expands further. Since the website went live in May 2020 it has given museums the opportunity to generate additional income. The National Maritime Museum, The Rijksmuseum, Eye Filmmuseum, Kunsthal Rotterdam, the Jewish Cultural Quarter, the Maritime Museum Rotterdam and Het Tropenmuseum now sell items online such as catalogs, T-shirts and jewelery at In a short time, in addition to Dutch visitors, museum enthusiasts from Hong Kong to New York were able to find and shop at Dutch Museum Gift Shop.

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