Hermitage Jewels! The Glitter of the Russian Court

Items Museumshop Hermitage Amsterdam added to Dutch Museum Gift Shop

Items from the museum shop of the Hermitage Amsterdam are for sale for the first time on Dutch Museum Gift Shop. This makes the Hermitage the ninth museum to offer items via DMGS and a valuable extension of the range. The Rijksmuseum, Eye and the Scheepvaart Museum, among others, preceded.

After a closure of 7 months, the Hermitage Amsterdam museum is open again. Four new exhibitions are on display (Romanovs under the spell of the knights, The Flower Leaf…, Group Portraits of the 17th Century and For the Love of Art). A selection of top items from the museum shop are now also available through the Dutch Museum Gift Shop.

Special eye-catchers of the Hermitage collection are items inspired by the exhibition ‘Jewellery: Shining at the Russian Court’. Russian court culture was a phenomenon. One of the great treasures of the Hermitage is the collection of jewels, often from tsars, tsarinas and immensely wealthy grand dukes. The precious jewelery reflects the fashion from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century, with the names of famous jewelery houses such as Cartier, Boucheron and Fabergé regularly appearing.

If you want to reminisce about the exhibition, or want to shine in the style of the Tsars, you can visit DMGS for items such as an egg or pendant in the style of Fabergé or an Art Deco piece of jewelry in the shape of a butterfly. Other products, such as delicious Russian Kusmi tea or Matryoshka sugar, are also available online. And what about the set of socks inspired by the exhibition Romanovs under the spell of the Knights. One pair in black with knight on horseback in gold thread, one pair in orange with pattern of the logo of the Hermitage Amsterdam.

DMGS gives museums and cultural institutions an online platform to promote and sell items from their museum shop in order to support cultural heritage and give museums an independent source of income. Since the first lock-down, several museums have now joined.

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