Irma Boom. James Jennifer Georgina


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A story in postcards, with conversations, about family. A book by Irma Boom, as a portrait, of the Butlers.  Profesely illustrated in b/w and colour. See also James Jennifer Georgina

Written between the lines of 1136 meticulously documented postcards, spanning ten years of travel, is the tale of the  Butler family.

It is a story of abandonment and love, of sickness and health, and of a marriage in transit.

In this bright-yellow, 1200-page volume, world-renowned designer Irma Boom carefully and thoroughly retraces the  journey of a lifetime. Her Yellow Book is a monument to book, which entailed an intensive, three-year collaboration  between Irma Boom and the Butlers, she invited renowned Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf to make portraits of the family, in his signature style.

‘From 1989 to 1999, James and I drove 270,000 miles together. As the roads unrolled, I would think about our  daughter Georgina, about what to tell her. We travelled to save James and to protect our daughter. And every day we  were apart I wrote to her’.

The first act of the book—an exquisitely printed selection of postcards, penned in Jennifer’s steady hand, with James’  irregular interjections—sets the calm, but relentless pace, in which the Butlers confront their obstacles; mile by mile, stamp by stamp, one day at a time.

Binding method

Clothbound in black cardboard box.


Irma Boom


19 x 12 cm


Irma Boom






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