Furoshiki magnetic bag closure


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This magnetic bag closure is used as an accessory for your furoshiki wrapping cloth when making a shoulder bag. It is available in black and white. Combine it with these bag rings to create a fashionable tote bag that is easy to carry!

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Fold the corners of the cloth through the openings in the magnetic bag closure so you create two handles. The magnetic bag closure make sure your bag is closed when carrying.


For the exhibition “Cadeau, Hoezo”, the Tropenmuseum collaborated with Musubi, the leading Japanese manufacturer of wrapping cloths. While they created a beautiful furoshiki for the exhibition, you can also buy your own at the museum shop. This magnetic bag closure is designed to go with the furoshiki wrapping cloth in order to create a fashionable tote bag.

Japanese people traditionally use Furoshiki to wrap gifts in seasonally designed cotton. After this, you would hand over the gift in person. According to Japanese culture, these behaviours imply that your gift is handled in an important way. Nowadays, you can use furoshiki in many different ways. You can wrap and tie each corner or furoshiki in different kind of ways to suit the size and shape of any contents within. Besides gifts, you could wrap your lunchbox or other items to carry them while making a statement. Or, using bigger cloths, you could create your own sustainable bag! Or use the furoshiki as a scarf or mat – their number of uses stretching as far as your imagination. And of course, when not in use, it folds up compactly.



Black, White




100% Polypropylene


25x6x1 cm


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