Van onschatbare waarde 200 jaar Naturalis


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Centuries-old herbaria, DNA samples, extinct birds, deep-sea animals in spirits and mysterious fossils: the Naturalis collection is one of the largest in the world, with 42 million objects. This collection is the result of more than 200 years of collecting, researching and preserving. It is therefore a cross-section of everything that lives and has lived, and of man’s attempts to fathom this diversity. How did this collection come about? What can we find in it and what not? What does it say about our past? And about our future?

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In 200 stories, 87 experts and enthusiasts take the reader on a journey to the wonderful world of researching and exhibiting nature. We go to the sixteenth century and back, from our backyard to New Guinea, and from vain collectors of curiosities to specialized craftsmen. We see objects that are never on display and we look over the shoulders of the administrators as they work behind closed doors. The Naturalis collection reflects both the changes in society and those in science. It is therefore also an important cultural heritage of us and of the countries where the objects come from. This book reveals in a spectacular way the objects and stories that normally remain hidden from the visitors of the museum.

This publication has been compiled by Tiny Monquil and Eulalia Gassó, with contributions from, among others, Barbara Gravendeel and Tinde van Andel (Researchers Naturalis), Natasja den Ouden, Max Caspers and Steven van der Mije (collection managers), Marijke Besselink (exhibition developer) and external partners , such as Tim Huisman (Rijksmuseum Boerhaave) and many others.





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October 2020


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