David Lynch Signature Cup – Organic Espresso (beans)


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‘I drink coffee when I work. Not only is the flavor great, but I like to think there’s good ideas in every bag.’ – David Lynch

What keeps the creator of Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks going? The answer is simple: coffee. And not in small quantities.

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David Lynch, the American filmmaker, writer, musician, and visual artist, is a huge fan of coffee and an avid coffee drinker – well over 10 cups of coffee a day. Naturally, you’d gravitate towards good, responsibly-sourced  coffee, especially if that coffee bears your name.

He taste-tested hundreds of coffees to find the perfect organic blend. Lynch finally found his dream coffee in an environmentally friendly and sustainable coffee company in Colorado, that trades coffees from around the world.

The David Lynch Signature Cup – Organic Espresso is a unique blend of organically grown and fair trade Central American and Indonesian coffee beans. The coffee is hand-packed and labeled. Like David Lynch, you will find a good idea in every bag.

The flavor notes of this David Lynch Organic Espresso can be described as rich, luscious and chocolate.

Origin: Central America and Indonesia.
Dark roast.

Eye imports this coffee directly from the roasters of Allegro Beans, Colorado, USA.

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