Unique Jan Bot NFTs available at Eye Shop

Only available till march 13

Jan Bot is Eye Filmmuseum’s first filmmaker with artificial intelligence. After five years of a continuous effort to make poetic films that connect internet news and old film archives, Jan Bot is eliminated and his work (more than 25,000 short films) is lost. Before it’s too late, film and art enthusiasts can save Jan Bot’s films by collecting them as NFTs.

As of today, film lovers have the opportunity to get their hands on NFTs of the artwork Jan Bot, created by digital artists Bram Loogman and Pablo Núñez, in collaboration with Eye Filmmuseum. The proceeds of this project will be used for the preservation of film heritage in the Netherlands. Physical NFT gift cards are available in the Eye Shop. In addition, the NFTs are also for sale online, via dutchmuseumgiftshop.nl


Meet Jan Bot, Eye’s first AI artist. Since 2018, Jan Bot has been making poetic films from old film archives as a commentary on current affairs. Now, after more than 25,000 films, the creators of Jan Bot have decided it’s time to take him out and prepare his artistic oeuvre for the future: the cryptographic age.

Before Jan Bot finally comes to an end, film enthusiasts and Web3 devotees will have the chance to get their hands on one of the films and help build his legacy in the form of a unique selection of NFTs.

Jan Bot is an artwork by digital artists Bram Loogman and Pablo Núñez in collaboration with Eye Filmmuseum. The proceeds of this project will be used for the preservation of film heritage. More information at www.jan.bot/nft


Purchasing one of these cards gives you access to a code to save a Jan Bot movie, own one of his works and become a digital art collector. The Jan Bot NFTs are created using the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain. There is a maximum of 500 cards. Each card entitles you to claim one NFT. Each artwork is a unique edition.


NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’. The translation of “Non-Fungible” is non-replaceable. So you can’t replace it with anything else. A Non-Fungible Token is a unique digital ownership certificate that resides on the blockchain. You can link this certificate to a digital object.

You can compare it to a unique painting. There is only one copy of this painting and if you exchange it for another, similar painting, you no longer have the original. After all, there is only one true variant of the original. Duplicates are less popular and therefore worth less money than the original.

Because an NFT is not redeemable and is on the blockchain, you can link ownership to it. It is therefore very easy to find out who is the rightful owner of an NFT. This data is publicly available on the blockchain. You will then only see the owner’s wallet address. As long as you do not make your wallet address public, you do not have to worry that everyone will find out which NFTs you have in your possession.

There are several ways to buy or sell NFTs. This way you can ‘mint’ an NFT when it is introduced. You are then the first buyer of the object, as is now the case with the NFTs of Eye Filmmuseum.

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