Top 10 gifts for this holiday season

Want to give your friends and family an original gift for the holidays? We got you covered, we have products from various museums, that fit both young and old. So we are sure that you can find something in our shop. But just in case, we made you a list that will inspire you, so here are our top 10 gift ideas for this holiday season. Can’t choose? Then consider the DMGS gift card. With a choice of selected products from an ever-growing number of museums, the gift card will always be well received. You decide the value from €10 to €150.

Number 10: Meditation Cushion

The holidays can be stressful at times. So this is the perfect present for someone who just needs a minute to themselves and wants to unwind and meditate.

A big plus is, that the cushions are sustainable and made in Nepal by women. Each meditation cushion is made of hand-spun cotton and decorated with a Merkaba or Flower of Life print. The cushions feature a sturdy hold, so you can take it anywhere you want, as well as an extra inside cushion, which makes it possible to wash the outer cushion when you need to.

Number 9: Baby Fashion

We all know someone who just had a baby. So this might be the perfect present for them and their newborn.

This is a funny baby onesie that says ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’. This is also available in pink, brown, and beige. So make sure you secure one for your friends who just recently experienced the bliss of having a child (and do not want to be put in a corner ;))

Number 8: Tim Walker Posters

Do you have a friend or family member interested in art and photography? Well, Tim Walker has the perfect pieces of art for you. These posters show his most famous artworks and would spice up any apartment or room. Pro Tip: Frame it to add a more sophisticated look.

Number 7: Naturalis x HEDOF Collection

We already made sure that all the babies will be stylish this year. Now onto everyone else. These clothes are sustainably made and are under the slogan ‘From Nature to Nature’ They are the perfect gift for anyone who cares about sustainable fashion and wants to look good around the holidays.

Exclusive collaboration between Naturalis & HEDOF, made with Pink Orange Club. Inspired by the Minerals & Gemstone Depot of Naturalis.

Number 6: Dino Parade

These are pretty much indestructible. There have been some upgrades since the actual dino ages. All jokes aside, this is the perfect toy for every dino fan and a big advantage is, that there are multiple different dinos. So gather your boys and girls and get them these cute wooden dinos, so they will have fun at Christmas dinner as well.

The dino’s are local produced, social made by Foundation Stunt and sustainable. Send them back free of charge and Makii will give them a second live.

Number 5: Nouvelle Vagues Wine

Sit down on the couch, grab a blanket and watch a movie. But, hold up! There is something missing! Well, your are correct in that assumption. But don’t worry, we got you. These wines come both in red and white, depending on your preference and are the best companion for a cozy evening.

Nouvelle Vague White is a fantastic blend which, eyes closed, smells like a light lemon pie with its shortbread and lemon curd in a fancy Parisian bakery.

Nouvelle Vague Red is a light, fresh and balanced wine that comes with integrated notes of strawberry, Bayonne ham, baking spices and cigar box.

Both wines are organic and a product of France.

Number 4: Love in Bloom Vase

This anatomical heart is not only beautiful in itself, but it also doubles as a vase. It can really symbolize how much you love your partner, family or friends.

Who deserves your heart?

Pro Tip:

Add some flowers to it already.

Number 3: Christmas Ornaments

We have what your Christmas tree needs! We collaborated with some of the museums to get you the best Christmas ornaments there are. These will make everyone jealous of your beautiful decorating skills or of your good gift-giving abilities.

Number 2: Mondriaan Perfume

Who does not like their partner or friends to smell nice? This is a fragrance that takes you to the universe of Mondrian in which horizontal (female) and vertical (male) lines strive for harmony.

In the birthplace of Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) in Amersfoort you will step into the world of a unique master. Discover his spiritual growth, diversity in paintings and friends & family. His studio in Paris is rebuilt in actual size. Also visit the 3D show of his time in New York and see Mondrian creating the famous Victory Boogie Woogie.

Number 1: Secure the Bag 😉

We cannot think of a single person who does not need a bag or tote bag. Whether you like to throw all of your stuff in there and hit the town or if it is your school or work bag. We personally also love using them to do groceries in order to not always get anew plastic bag at the supermarket. So this makes the perfect gift for everyone, people you do not know very well or people that love tote bags (like our intern).

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