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Top 10 gifts for companies

The best promotional gifts are surprising and original. A work from home package for your hard working colleagues or a unique gift for a customer, you will find it all at DMGS. An anniversary, farewell or birthday can also be a reason to show your appreciation to a colleague. We have put together a top 10 with the best ideas. Can’t choose? Then consider the DMGS gift card. With a choice of selected products from an ever-growing number of museums, the gift card will always be well received. You decide the value from €10 to €150.

Number 10: Special coffee

One of our bestsellers is the David Lynch coffee of Eye Filmmuseum. David Lynch is still active as a filmmaker and known for Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks. The coffee has a wonderfully soft taste and is available in 2 variations: Organic House and Organic Espresso.

Number 9: Wine

The Francis Coppola wine comes also from Eye. Francis Coppola, director of the Godfather and Apocalypse Now, is not only a filmmaker, but also a good wine connoisseur and winegrower. His wine is available in both red and white.

Number 8: Tea light holder

The tea light holder of the National Maritime Museum is a stylish silver-coloured tealight holder with the pattern of the well-known roof over the courtyard.

Number 7: Gift set ‘Cards from Blaeu’

The gift set ‘Cards from Blaeu’ is a beautiful and useful gift. The set consists of coasters, an A5 notebook, a magnet and a reusable, foldable bag.

Number 6: Mini tulip vase

The mini tulip vase is created by design agency Piet Design, who is specializes in products with a historical story that you can make yourself – such as this mini tulip vase. The vase is suitable for 8 tulips or other flowers.

Number 5: Say cheese

The cheese board of the National Maritime Museum is a limited edition. From September 2020 to April 2021, the eye-catcher of the museum, the East Indiaman Amsterdam, was gone for repairs. One of the big changes was the removal of the 3 masts to replace them with new ones. The Maritime Museum made cheese boards (Oregon Pine wood) from the old masts. The front has a print of the ship and a description of which mast they were made of and the back has an engraved QR code linked to photos of the restoration. A real collector’s item to have in your kitchen.

Number 4: Gift box

Number 4 is the Tsarevna gift box with a mug. Tsarevna tea is a flavored blend of organic black tea, orange and spices. This gift box contains loose Tsarevna tea from Kusmi Tea with a matching mug. In addition to the gift box, there are super nice sugar cubes in the shape of Matryoshka dolls. To complete the gift you can add the recipe + spices for apple pie from 1514. All from the Hermitage shop.

Number 3: Latern Chai

Uniquely designed Lantern made of fine unglazed porcelain (Bone China) from the Jewish Historical Museum.

Number 2: homemade soap

Smell the wonderfully scented homemade soap from Jip: The organic Palestinian olive oil used in the coffee/cardamom soap has been imported by the platform Meet Palestine. The olive oil is made by the farmers’ cooperative Mazare ‘Al Nubani, from the Ramallah area. Palestinians struggle to maintain the right to their land of olive trees, and buying their produce supports these farmers.

Number 1: Wrap your gift

is the Furoshiki canvas of the Tropenmuseum. Especially developed for the exhibition ‘Gifts Unwrapped’. Furoshikis are traditionally used to wrap gifts, but you can use them in many different ways. Get inspired with these instructional video from the Tropenmuseum, which show you how to tie the cloth in different ways!

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