The Royal Barge

200 years ago, King William I of The Netherlands commissioned the construction of a royal vessel. In those times, richly decorated rowing sloops were a ‘must have’ for European monarchs. Being a maritime nation par excellence, a royal barge was also a perfect match for the Netherlands.

With a length of seventeen metres, the Royal Barge is not only long, but also very slender and richly decorated with gold-leaf ornaments – making it a beautiful source of inspiration for a gift set. Neptune and his three sea horses decorate the bow of the barge. Neptune is of course the symbol for the greatness of the head of state, but also of a safe voyage. The barge is decorated with numerous other, smaller ornaments such as crabs and water plants. These ornaments all have their own stories.

The design of the barge is a feast for the eye, but its symbolism makes it an interesting object as well. Used for the last time by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard in 1962, it is now on display at the National Maritime Museum.

Learn more about this fascinating vessel.

Gift Set – The Royal Barge

This gift set is an ideal present for those who love the royal family, beautiful ships or both.

This beautiful gift set consists of a rosette bowl and a set of five themed postcards.

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