The story behind David Lynch Coffee

Fifteen years ago, in 2006, acclaimed director David Lynch went on to launch his very own Signature Cup coffee line – one that has turned into a cult favourite in the years that came after. Let’s dive a little deeper into the story of this special coffee!

According to a 2014 interview by Vice, David Lynch came up with the idea to launch his own line of coffees when a friend pitched the idea to him. That may have been a logical suggestion by this friend, given the amount of coffee Lynch consumes. The famous director drinks over 10 cups per day – a number that used to be 20 in the past!When asked how it is possible that he can drink so much, Lynch simply answers that he really loves the beverage and therefore does not stop drinking. At Dutch Museum Gift Shop, we are afraid we start shaking after a cup or two!

As a veritable coffee lover, choosing a roaster to team up with for his coffee was not an easy task for Lynch. After tasting dozens of coffees, he finally settled on a blend by the American roasters of Allegro Coffee Company – one of the first certified organic brands of the country. Allegro Coffee Company sources its beans from fairtrade coffee growers in Central America and INdonesia, making sure the cup of coffee you are drinking is ethical as well as delicious.

While David Lynch is certainly a connaisseur of coffee, he does not like too much to use difficult terminology to describe the kinds of coffee he likes. “Great taste” is what this great director is looking for, without going into the depth of different flavours and tones. Rather than these, Lynch has a more philosophical way to describe the importance of coffee in his life: a cup of coffee is like a good friend.

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