The Century
of Juliana

A rich presentation of over one hundred art objects from the Royal Collections

Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
October 15, 2022 – April 10, 2023

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of her inauguration as Queen of the Netherlands, De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam presents an exhibition about Juliana and her extraordinary reign. The century of Juliana, a queen and her ideals is the polyphonic biography of a beloved queen. An eventful century is mirrored by her personality and her ideals. Juliana is often characterised as the ‘monarch next to the red carpet’, headstrong and averse to protocol. Loved for her simplicity and humanity. However, she was also head of state during a century that was marked by unprecedented setbacks and spectacular prosperity.

In 2022, the anniversary of the inauguration provides an opportunity for retrospection. The generation that witnessed her personally meets a generation for whom she is primarily a historical figure. Together they look back at her eventful life. Juliana wanted – and we know this from interviews – to be a modern monarch and to connect. A host of historians and experts, including biographers past and present, have written about her. The exhibition provides context and aims to present a complete, and also personal, image of this remarkable monarch. The century of Juliana, a queen and her ideals is on view from Saturday 15 October to Sunday 9 April 2023.


A tribute to a beloved queen in honor of the 75th anniversary of her inauguration in 2023.

(only available in Dutch)

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