Drents Museum

The Drents Museum shows a view of the world and offers the world a view of Drenthe. The museum belongs to and for everyone. Our collection and exhibitions focus on contemporary realism, archaeology, art from 1885-1935 and Drenthe history.

In the autumn of 2021 and spring of 2022, the entire Drents Museum will be devoted to Frida Kahlo during the exhibition Viva la Frida!

The exhibition consists of two parts. In our Abbey Church you will get to know the Mexican artist (better) through family photos and the short film Meet Frida. In the large exhibition hall, her paintings and drawings from the collection of Museo Dolores Olmedo are displayed in combination with personal belongings from the collection of Museo Frida Kahlo. In Viva la Frida! these two collections are to be seen together for the first time. This offers the Drents Museum the unique opportunity of telling the complete Frida story.

This shop offers you a combination of Viva la Frida! products and other products from the Drents Museum.

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