Spotlight on the Eye Collection Centre

More than 54000 movies, 30000 books and publications and thousands of antique film artefacts: the cinematic history of The Netherlands is housed in the extensive archive of the Eye Collection Centre in Amsterdam.

From blockbusters to cult classics: all of the movies archived at the Eye Collection Centre are related to Dutch film history in some way. The oldest movie in the collection dates back all the way to 1896! But every year, newly released Dutch movies are added to the collection as well. At this point, if all spread out on the floor, the archive would contain over 88000 kilometers of film!

Besides movies, the Eye Collection Centre also dedicates itself to the archival of numerous other film-related artefacts: from vintage movie posters to old cinema equipment. The centre’s researchers and archivists also possesses over 30000 books, reports, catalogues and publications, as well as over 1900 journal titles. Many of these are freely available in Eye’s digital library.

Are you looking for something different to do on a rainy afternoon? Using the Eye Film Player, you can easily spend some hours watching historical movies and documentaries from The Netherlands and abroad. The player contains a range of free-to-watch movies, as well as rentals that can be watched for a small fee.

Some picks from DMGS: this fascinating documentary on Andrei Tarkovsky (€5,00), to whom Eye devoted a large programme in 2019, and Jacques Tati’s classic “Mon Oncle” (€3,50).

Want more? You can also invite a piece of the Eye Collection Centre into your home! Sometimes, beautiful things come to the surface that are no longer needed at the archive. It would be a waste to let them dust away, so instead we give them a new life at Dutch Museum Gift Shop! Our vintage posters, film cans and transport cases are original and sustainable gifts for film lovers.

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