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Dordrechts MuseumShop Collection | ‘Landscape with birds’ | Aert Schouman

The print on this yoga mat features a print based on the work ‘Landscape with birds’ (1766) by Aert Schouman (1710-1792), a painter who was born in Dordrecht. It is exclusively designed for the Dordrechts Museum. Size 1.85 x 68 cm

  • Durable printing
  • Eco friendly
  • Premium Grip
  • Anti microbial
  • 4 mm thickness

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In the Light of Cuyp

The story of Dordrecht’s greatest painter is unique. Cuyp was very much a local artist in his day, virtually unknown beyond his hometown. He lived and worked his entire life in Dordrecht and the buyers of his landscapes came almost exclusively from his birthplace. It was only after his death that he was discovered by English collectors and artists. From around 1750 there was a veritable Cuyp mania in England. The British aristocracy were so captivated by Cuyp’s sun-drenched landscapes that by around 1800 there were no longer any important works by the Dutch master to be found in the Netherlands. A Cuyp was a must-have in the great English country house.

In the Light of Cuyp will present many works by British artists including Richard Wilson, Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable, J.M.W. Turner, Richard Parkes Bonington, Augustus Wall Callcott and John Crome that have never before been shown in the Netherlands.


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