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This handblown waterjar ​​owes its beautiful green colour to the use of recycled glass. Our producer in India uses less materials and water during its production. Modern Dutch design by Jouelle Cuppen.

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This unique product is handmade by dedicated artisans. The product is made in Firozabad, the ‘glass capital’ of India. Like most of the craft traditions, glass making in India is an ancient skill. By buying this product, you help to preserve the culture of this traditional craft.


The artisans who make this artistic product earn a fair wage. This enables them to take care of their family, to send their children to school and to improve their living. Next to receiving health services, they work under safe conditions and are trained on the job.


  • Design by Jouelle Cuppen – real Dutch design!
  • Material: recycled glass.
  • Height: 24 | Diameter: 9 cm.
  • All our products are handmade and unique, which may result in some charming imperfections. The products may therefore be a little different from those in the photo.




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