Vintage movie poster: Stiletto (1969)


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Eye has a large collection of authentic, original movie posters that were produced in limited quantities for display in theatres all over the Netherlands. No infinite reproductions, but collectibles that come straight from the heart of our collection!

Stiletto (1969) is an American crime film directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and starring Alex Cord, based on the novel Stiletto by Harold Robbins. Cord plays a rich, jet-setting playboy who lead as double life as a professional Mafia hitman.

Kowalski and Robbins maintained a lucrative relationship at the time. One wrote a somewhat sleazy book and the other immediately released a film adaptation with the promise of showing a story full of sex and glamour that was therefor banned on TV. Hence the beautiful poster that actually was more stylish than the film itself.

The movie posters are folded for
archiving purposes and are therefore sent as such.

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

Size: 104 cm x 68 cm

Please consider that the vast majority of vintage film posters have been used, and their condition varies. As our head of collections once told us when we mentioned the border pinholes and small folding tears,

“Of course there are going to be small defects, these posters worked for a living!”

Condition Stiletto: GOOD+ 
An average used poster. This grade allows for a modest accumulation of flaws, including small pieces of tape, light wear and color loss along the fold lines, a dozen pinholes in the periphery of the poster, minor surface soiling, minor border wear including small chip of paper loss in the borders, and minor creasing in the image area. Poster showing light, normal wear; used but not abused. For more information about the condition of the poster you can contact us at:




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