Tomihiro Kono Personas 111 The Art Of Wig Making 2017-2020


The second book by Tomihiro Kono about the Art of Wig Making.

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In Latin times a persona was a mask; today our digital masks have turned into persons that amplify our individual digital essence, letting our fake and intangible identities take over. Tomihiro Kono’s wigs are a reaction to our digital society and a way to reclaim our physicality: with his creations the artist and designer invites us indeed to go over a physical, rather than digital, transformation. A wig by Tomihiro Kono is therefore a “mask-thrix” – a mask for the hair (“thrix” meaning “hair” in Greek), a symbol of an existential drama and the possibility of taking up not just one role, but multiple ones. By wearing a wig by Tomihiro Kono you can be anything and anyone but yourself. The promise is alluring. Enter the Mask-Thrix.

– Anna Battista

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Tomihiro Kono Personas 111 The Art Of Wig Making 2017-2020Tomihiro Kono Personas 111 The Art Of Wig Making 2017-2020

Availability: In stock

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