The Shining “Overlook Hotel” serving tray


The design of this serving tray is inspired by the carpet in the Overlook Hotel’s Room 237  in The Shining, Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic. In the adaption of the Stephen King novel, Jack Torrance moves his family to this Colorado hotel during off-season in order to work  on his novel, but things are not as they appear.

Lloyd: “What will you be drinking, sir?”
Jack Torrance: “Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd.”

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Eye Filmmuseum

This serving tray is handmade, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe.

Made exclusively for Eye.

Eye Film Museum

Eye is sometimes called ‘the cinematic memory of the Netherlands’. And in all modesty, that title is no exaggeration.

The Dutch national museum for film, located on Amsterdam’s IJ harbour, manages more than 54.000 films from all genres. The collection represents an outstanding sample of film history, from classics and blockbusters to cult films. But Eye does not only focus on the past: it also closely follows the latest developments in film by organizing new acquisitions, programmes, and debates. The building is open every day for anyone who is interested in film and film culture. Visitors are welcome in four cinemas, an exhibition space, a floor dedicated to educational activities, a shop, and a bar-restaurant.

Eye is internationally acclaimed for its knowledge of and expertise in the field of film restoration, research, and education. The organization has 185 employees who do their very best to make everything you would want to know about film easily accessible. For young and old, for film enthusiasts and professionals, and from constantly changing perspectives, Eye focuses on film as an art form, as entertainment, and as part of digital visual culture.

Learn more about the museum and book your tickets.

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