The secret of the garden | An adventurous children’s cookbook (Dutch edition)


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Do you like cooking? And good food and gardening? Do you like to read exciting stories? Then this is a book for you.

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The famous chef Joris Bijdendijk, of restaurant RIJKS, wrote surprising recipes that you can easily make yourself with vegetables from any school or vegetable garden (or from the supermarket, of course). In addition to these super tasty recipes, you will also find beautiful drawings by Floor Rieder in this book, as well as a super exciting story about a chef who has to fulfill all kinds of difficult assignments during a cooking competition, written by the famous writer Jan Paul Schutten. And while you read, you will also discover a few secrets about the Rijksmuseum that hardly anyone knows …

“The illustrations by Floor Rieder make The Secret of the Garden a gem for both child and adult” – Nederlands Dagblad

“Really worthy” – Happi-Kids

“For future chefs. We apologize for the compelling tone, but you should buy or borrow this book if you have a child of primary school age. “- Jan Magazine


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