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The Furoshiki Handbook – using Japanese traditional cloth for everyday wrapping is here to help you explore the world of furoshiki and to create your own wrappings. An easy step-by-step guide with pictures for basic wrapping and for unique wrapping techniques.

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The Furoshiki Handbook’s author, Etsuko Yamada, comes from a long-line of furoshiki makers in Kyoto. The book draws on a long Japanese tradition of wrapping items in cloth. This tradition is said to have first originated in the Nara period. Wrapping cloths were then used to wrap up and store important treasures of the imperial household. It may be that the reason that these customs have persisted through all these years is because they contain qualities that appeal to Japanese people.

Furoshiki have a place not only in traditional Japanese-style living, but also in modern, Western-style living as well. Recently, it has been very popular among international tourists as a souvenir. The ties in furoshiki represent the ties between people. Using furoshiki to wrap things is a way of wrapping up and presenting our feelings. This makes furoshiki a fantastic communication tool.

Contents of the book

The Furoshiki Handbook will show you how to make the most of good furoshiki wrapping in modern life. You will learn how to use the cloth in a fashionable, modern way for personal use and in the form gift wrappings. This handbook will show you how to wrap all kinds of objects, such as bottles, books and bento boxes. You will also learn to make ties in the shape of a flower, a dewdrop and more. Using these bag rings and magnetic patchin, you can even create a fashionable tote bag. The possibilities are endless!

Get a taste for the unique look, warmth, and fun of furoshiki. Have fun using The Furoshiki Handbook to experiment and discover your own furoshiki style.

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Yamada Etsuko




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