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This T-shirt features a print of the personal pronouns “her”, “him”, “them”, “zem”, “zir” and “we”. The T-shirt comes in kids’ sizes S, M and L and in adult sizes L and XL.

Kids large
Kids large
Kids medium
Kids medium
Kids small
Kids small

This T-shirt, featuring a print of various personal pronouns, was designed by the Phluid Project. The Phluid Project exists to empower individuals to be themselves. To express themselves openly, without judgement or fear – only freedom.

“The Phluid Project, launched in March of 2018 in NYC and online for access worldwide as a gender free fashion brand. We joined a movement of humans committed to challenging the ethos of traditions past that inhibit freedom and self expression. Our world is grounded in purpose and humanity through fashion, community, activism and education. The rising voice if today’s youth reject gender binaries and desire an all encompassing space, both physically and virtually, that allows us to wear what makes us feel good and express ourselves with freedom and authenticity.”

What a Genderful World

Gender is a hot topic: gender-free toilets, Dutch Railways with ‘Dear Travellers’, and no boys or girls labels in the HEMA stores. But did you know that what we see as masculine or feminine is largely culturally determined? In a festival-like setting, dive into the world of gender and discover how this is expressed and experienced worldwide.

On Fiji policemen wear a skirt. Pink has only been a girls’ colour since the 1950s in the West. He and she do not exist in the Turkish language. And in Mexico there is a third gender besides male and female: muxe. Experience these and more in the exhibition with objects from the museum collection, photographic art, fashion and personal stories.

Learn more about the exhibition here.


The Phluid Project








Kids large, Kids medium, Kids small, L, XL

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