Suri plate – a Japanese grater


Store:  Tropenmuseum

Japanese design collective Mujun has designed this suri plate, which is a Japanese grater. You can use it to grate typically Japanese ingredients for your meals, such as wasabi and ginger.

Medium (15,5x15,5x2,7cm)
Medium (15,5x15,5x2,7cm)
Small (10,5x10,5x2,3cm)
Small (10,5x10,5x2,3cm)

The suri plate is an essential tool to grate seasonings for Japanese cuisine such as wasabi, ginger and radish. The rough surface with ceramic makes ingredients to be easily grated. The suri plate is also easy to clean. Silicone attached to the bottom of the plate prevents slipping while using it.

Mujun is a design and craft collective living and working in rural Japan. Here, a traditional craft industry still exists. They started off as a team of designers and young craftsmen who specialize in knifemaking, while also working closely with local artisans across Japan. The artisans they work with are veterans of their craft, putting their head and heart into each piece they create. They see crafts and craftmaking as an essential part of culture.They strive to produce sustainable goods that suit the local environment and lifestyle. Mujun  aspires to bring this traditional Japanese craftsmanship to contemporary consumers around the world.

Next to this suri plate, Mujun has also designed a fuji knife, suri bowl and Awawa washcloth for the Tropenmuseum shop.


Medium (15,5×15,5×2,7cm), Small (10,5×10,5×2,3cm)


Brown, Off White




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