Soap Trembling Landscapes made by Jip


Store:  Eye Filmmuseum

These soaps are commissioned by the Eye Film shop and are made by Jip van Steenis for the exhibition Trembling Landscapes: Between Reality and Fiction, at Eye Film Museum from 19 September till 3 January 2021.

Coffee Cardamom Soap
Coffee Cardamom Soap
Green Clay Soap
Green Clay Soap

1= The organic Palestinian olive oil used in these soaps is imported by the platform Ontmoet Palestina. It’s made by the farmers’ cooperative Mazare’ Al Nubani, from the area of Ramallah. Palestinians are struggling to keep the right of their land of olive trees, and buying their products supports these farmers.

2= The scraps of soap used in the Green clay soap come from Aleppo (Syria), which is an important soap making town since 300 AD. Historians are not sure, but it is quite likely that the first ever soap making began in the Levant region, of which Aleppo was one of the main cities. The all purpose soap is traditionally made with olive and laurel oil. Throughout the Syrian civil war, even during times it was quite difficult to get hold of the natural resources, soap makers always tried to continue this ancient artisanal practice, upon till today.

Jip van Steenis is a soap maker, artist and anthropologist. She makes soaps in her attic in Amsterdam, a kilo at a time. They’re handmade with natural ingredients only, plant-based, mostly biological, via the artisanal cold-pressed method which she started practising during the momentum of Covid-19. Every package has hands cut out from the newspaper, since its hands what we all should be washing (but they’re good for the rest of your body too). Follow @jipisvansteen on Instagram for more information.


Coffee Cardamom Soap, Green Clay Soap

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