Soap Motor Oil & Sultry Heat


Combining the scent of lemongrass with motor oil, the natural soap bar “Motor Oil & Sultry Heat” is an unexpected and wonderfully scented bar of soap.

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Eye Filmmuseum

The scents of this soap bar are inspired by two films: Ossessione (1943) forms the source of inspiration for the dark side of this soap. This part of the soap contains the rich smoky scents of patchouli, birch tar and vetiver, combined with activated charcoal. The soap’s light side, infused with the fresh and spicy scent of lemongrass, is inspired by India Song (1975). Together, these parts make for a uniquely scented soap.

“Motor Oil & Sultry Heat” is suitable for use on your entire body, while it also makes for a wonderful hand soap.

Nature Bar

Nature Bar creates soaps and shampoo bars with a mission: inspiring people to take better care of themselves and nature. Therefore, only pure and natural ingredients are used for their products.

Nature Bar was founded by Marlies van Heusden. In her studio, located in the center of Amsterdam, she makes her natural soaps by hand. Every soap and shampoo bar contains a circular core ingredient, obtained in collaboration with local entrepreneurs. In the past, for example, she has incorporated orange peels from a local supermarket and coffee grounds from a local coffee roaster into her products. By contributing to a local and circular economy, Nature Bar contributes to a cleaner city and a better environment.

Each soap by Nature Bar is made by hand in small editions. Just like you, every Nature Bar is unique. Follow @naturebarsoap on Instagram or take a look at www.naturebar.nl for more information.

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Soap Motor Oil & Sultry Heat

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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