Sextant in case


A charming pocket sextant in a case, like the ones used by the Victorians.

A sextant defined latitude, wihle a clock defined longitude. Defining the angle of Sun and Stars with the horizon was an important way to navigate and survey. This beautiful and intricate little instrument comes with an interesting and ancient history.

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The National Maritime Museum

The collection of the Dutch National Maritime Museum is one of the largest and most notable maritime collections in the world. Here, you can learn about 500 years of Dutch maritime history and discover its strong links with the society of today and the future. Admire its extensive collections of paintings, navigation instruments, ship models and maps of the world. The collection’s eye-catcher is undoutedly the replica of the East Indiaman moored in front of the museum building. Large cargo ships like this one were used to transport spices, porcelain, tea, silk and textiles from Asia to Europe. But the range of exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum is wider than simply showcasing artefacts of the past. Cotemporary art and photography, an exhibition about the whale and interactive and virtual reality experiences are also featured at the museum.

The National Maritime Museum boasts a large collection of historical instruments that were used at sea. You can buy replicas of many of these instruments in our museum shop. Have a look at the full collection and take your pick!


Bronze, Wood


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