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Scarf Nigeria | Anthracite Gray- Off White- Blue | 45 x 170 cm

Circular scarf by Tropenmuseum in collaboration with ReBlend. Each scarf saves 3000 liters of drinking water and 4kg of CO2 emissions.

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The extensive archives of Tropenmuseum, a museum about world cultures, have inspired the design of scarf Nigeria, mixed with artistic influences. All scarves in this collection reflect international diversity and contemporary design.

This material of scarf Nigeria is 100% recycled. It is made of 70% post-consumer textile waste and 30% recycled PET from bottles. Each scarf saves 3000 liters of drinking water and 4kg of CO2 emissions.

You can also purchase this scarf in three different patterns: Japan, Kalimantan & Indonesia.

About ReBlend

ReBlend, the designers of scarf Nigeria, are a social enterprise on a a mission to raise awareness about the ecological impact of the textile industry. Through their work, they want to inspire the use of looped and renewable raw materials. ReBlend develops textiles and textile products made from textiles that otherwise end up in incineration. The textiles made from recycled fibres are a positive alternative for designers and companies looking for products that both look good and feel good.

In collaboration with waste collectors, producers, designers, makers and visionaries ReBlend organizes a full supply chain from start to finish. They do so to guarantee their textiles don’t harm people and planet. Doing this, they aspire to accelerate a new ecosystem for circular textiles.


ReBlend, Tropenmuseum


Dutch post-consumer textile, Recycled PET bottles

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