Assen in inkt Een wandeling met Sam Drukker


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Sam Drukker, painter and draftsman, lived in Assen for exactly 16 years. From his seventh. Years in which he developed from child to adolescent to young adult. Also years in which he became interested in art, fueled by good teachers. Assen changed a lot in those years. Beautiful historic buildings were demolished. Faceless buildings came back for it. The love for the city slowly faded into the background.

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In this book Drukker shows that he has rediscovered the city. He goes back to his youth and draws with ink the city unknown to him. Not with the usual dip pen but with a toothpick. It produces beautiful and somewhat raw drawings. He discovers the beauty of the greenery, the opulence of the Asserbos. The many beautiful buildings that characterize the city. They did not stand out in his youth. Now he brings them to life in this book Assen in Ink. The various places he has drawn together form a walk through Assen, the city from the childhood of Sam Drukker. Sam Drukker (1957) studied at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen and is one of the most important portraitists in the Netherlands. In addition to portraits, he makes work on canvas, panel and paper. His work is exhibited at home and abroad and is included in museum and private collections.

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May 2021


Uitgeverij Koninklijke van Gorcum Bv


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