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Sabi Suriname Socks


These socks were designed for the Sabi Suriname exhibition at Tropenmuseum Junior, designed and curated for our youngest visitors.

The socks are suitable for sizes EU 34-40.

Store:  Tropenmuseum

The Sabi Suriname socks are made of 65% bamboo, 32% recycled polyester, 3% elastan.
Care instructions: wash inside out, air dry.

Sabi Suriname

After closing time, Harvey was visiting his uncle Kenneth in the Tropenmuseum. Uncle Kenneth works in the Surinam depository. Seven floors under the ground.

Harvey needed photos for his project on Surinam. They were walking through the depository together and Harvey was taking lots of photos. And then suddenly, something magical happened. The whole wall moved sideways…!

They ended up in a Surinamese world, full of talking objects and activities: the World behind the Things. They couldn’t believe it…

Research has showed that the wall to this world only opens for really inquisitive children. Are you just as inquisitive as Harvey?

In Sabi Suriname you’ll get to know a lot about Surinam, the bond with the Netherlands and how Surinam connects with the world. You can sail on a boat through the Busi Kondre and play the What is where? game about what you encounter on the way. And you can discover the Surinamese kitchen, and shop for the ingredients for a delicious Surinamese dish!




Shaved Ice, Birds, Musical Instruments


Bamboo, Elastane, Recycled polyester


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