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Learn about inspiring Dutch role models in a playful way, with these twenty-six richly illustrated cards, especially for everyone from zero to twelve years old. Each card contains a letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the role model’s profession, a brief introduction to the role model, a did you know, and an interactive question for the player(s).

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What does a mayor or a director do? Did you know that athletics help you concentrate better and longer? What would you like to change in your environment and how would you take action?

This unique card set has been developed to introduce children in an inclusive way to inspiring Dutch role models and their professions. Increase the child’s vocabulary and practice the letters of the alphabet together. Discuss their ideas and interests, playfully discover different types of professions through interactive questions and admire the beautiful and colorful portraits of the role models together!

You can use the card set in different situations. At home, in a playgroup or classroom, or on the go. Parents and teachers can use this set, but also children’s coaches and/or therapists!


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Anouschka Boschwinous




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