Roemer, Dutch type, 65 cl


Roemer, Dutch type. With raspberry prunts and and coiled foot, 17th century. Approx. 65 cl.

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Historical glass replica, completely handmade. Mouth-blown and made with typical clips, glass threads and other decor. A characteristic of a handmade glass is the so-called puntel mark on the underside of the glass. The rounded edge on the top of the glass and a certain variation in size, thickness of the glass and details are other signs of a genuine craft.

The glass mass is made to look like old-time glass. Some chemicals, mainly metal oxides, are added to get the right color. The glass mass contains to varying degrees small air bubbles and shifts in structure.

Each glass is unique. All these special features of historic glass production ensure that no two glasses can be identical. This makes each piece a unique handmade masterpiece – just like the original glass that forms the model.

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Dimensions20 × 9,3 × 9,3 cm





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Roemer, Dutch type, 65 clRoemer, Dutch type, 65 cl

Availability: In stock

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