Rembrandt & Saskia Liefde in de Gouden Eeuw


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In 1634, Rembrandt van Rijn married Saskia Uylenburg, the love of his life, in Friesland. Saske, as her Frisian baptismal name is, was born in Leeuwarden and grows up there. The famous painter gets to know her when Saskia visits her cousin in Amsterdam.

This book paints a picture of marriage in the time of Rembrandt and Saskia: the most famous Frisian bridal couple ever. Their story is also the story of society marriage in the seventeenth century. From courtship to will. What precedes the most important step in a person’s life and what is it like at such a chic wedding? What value is attached to the solid marriage bond and how does life go after the wedding, when joys and sorrows have to be shared?


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On the basis of beautiful and moving paintings, precious objects, letters and poems you will discover that a wedding vow from then differs little from a wedding vow from today.

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Rembrandt & Saskia - Liefde in de Gouden EeuwRembrandt & Saskia Liefde in de Gouden Eeuw

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