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Who doesn’t know Professor Plons? This happy professor has entertained generations in different exhibitions at the Maritime Museum throughout the years.

Professor Plons is now finallyl available as a soft cuddly toy. Now you can play with him at home!

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In the exhibit ‘Professor Plons’ at the Maritime Museum, children aged from 4 to 10 can join in exciting adventures in the wonderful port world of Professor Splash and his friends Captain Cork, Sai-Ling, Mecha Mo and the rescue dog Dipper.

Professor Plons and his friends have just come back from a long journey and are about to leave again for a new adventure when the children meet them in their home port at the Rotterdam Maritime Museum. All sorts of things still have to be done, and the children can lend a helping hand: sorting fish, loading and unloading ships, deciding on the destination… and a fire breaks out as well! As they play, they learn all sorts of things about various types of ships, working in the port, navigation and how products such as their own toys are transported by ship from all over the world to the Netherlands. Between the tasks, the children discover the adventures that the professor and his friends have as they travel around the world. They have to watch out for Master Scurvy. He is always lying in wait in his ship the Hot Rod, ready to make things awkward for Professor Plons.

Learn more about this children’s exhibition here.

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