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‘We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.’

With whom do you like to go the cinema? Shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee. Howl together, sigh together, scream together. Let your most loyal movie friends know how much you love sitting next to them with our cozy cinema chair pins. Get 2, for you and your regular movie buddy. Give away, pin, watch movies, be sweet. Every day is Movie Friends Day.

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Cineville cinema chair pins.
Enamel, silver-plated surface, painted dark red.
Dimensions (per pin): 23 x 17.5 mm.
Back butterfly closure.


Cineville is convinced that the world of cinema is an endlessly rich and fabulous place. A place where the whole world is hidden: from hilarious things to bloody serious ones, from cruelty to sweetness and from wonderful superficiality to brain-teasing. Their mission? A worldwide diet of at least 2 movies per month.

Your Cineville card allows you to watch as many films as often as you like in film theaters across the Netherlands, for a monthly membership fee of € 17,50 (if you’re <30) or € 21 (if you’re 30+). Your membership offers you unlimited access to all regular film screenings, previews, festivals and specials.

As a Cineville member you aren’t just supporting your own film addiction: you’re also supporting independent film theaters, as 90% of your membership fee goes directly to them.

Learn more about Cineville.

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