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Piet Mondrian Still Life with Gingerpot II


High quality giclée reproduction of the artwork “Still Life with Gingerpot II” by Piet Mondrian.

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About the original work

The second version of Still Life with Gingerpot, painted in 1912 after Mondrian’s move to Paris, marks a significant shift in his artistic conception. Assimilating the principles of cubism, Mondrian transformed objects into mere notes in a compositional score. While the two versions may appear similar at first glance, their roles in the painting have fundamentally changed.

The objects in the second version have lost their independent character, becoming abstracted elements within the composition. Notably, the foreground demonstrates this transformation: a napkin with a knife has evolved into a white area crossed by a diagonal line. This evolution exemplifies the conversion of factual things into compositional values, shedding their characteristic properties.

The first version emphasizes the descriptive aspect of still life, while the second version focuses solely on the interrelations of forms. Analogous to prose and poetry, the distinction between the two versions is akin to comparing their expressive qualities. Additionally, visual rhyme or optical alliteration emerges, with the repetition of round forms and accentuated covers to balance diagonal movement.

Mondrian’s departure from object domination is evident in this shift, as he took his initial steps towards a new artistic direction.

  • Title: Still Life with Gingerpot II
  • Artist: Piet Mondrian
  • Year: 1912
  • Material: Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 91,5 × 120 cm
  • Location: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Additional information

This painting by Piet Mondrian is reproduced as a Giclée with an advanced 12-color printer that sprays the pigment inks onto the canvas or paper, layer by layer. Due to this large color spectrum and the high resolution, the reproduction is very close to the original.
The pigment inks used are UV-resistant, so that no discoloration can occur. The colors always remain beautiful and that is why we give an unlimited guarantee! You can order Giclees framed and unframed.


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