Pendant Chamsa, silver and glas


A beautifully designed Chamsa pendant by Noomi van Gelder. The Chamsa is made of silver, the lower part is made of glass. The design of this pendant is inspired by the Kabbalah.

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The Jewish Cultural Quarter

The Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam consists of the Jewish Historical Museum, the JHM Children’s Museum, the Portuguese Synagogue, the Hollandsche Schouwburg, and the National Holocaust Museum.

The Jewish Cultural Quarter invites its visitors to acquaint themselves with Jewish culture and history, to deepen their existing knowledge, and to think actively about the subject of cultural diversity. Their basic principle is to make the Jewish story accessible in a positive way to as much of the general public as possible.

The Jewish Cultural Quarter offers a range of fascinating exhibitions, all pertaining to the past, present and future of Jewish culture. Book your tickets for a visit, or discover a part of the collection in the online museum.

Kabbalah – The art of Jewish Mysticism

From 29 March to 25 August 2019, Amsterdam’s Jewish Cultural Quarter was immersed in the esoteric ambience of a major exhibition about the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah. The term Kabbalah was coined in the Middle Ages to encompass the centuries of scholarship through which Jewish mystics have sought to understand the mysteries of our existence in the world. Kabbalah means ‘receiving’. It is founded on a belief in an ‘original knowledge’ about God, Creation and humanity. In the twentieth century, Kabbalah began to reach a far wider audience, inspiring artists, writers, filmmakers and contemporary pop icons, both Jewish and non-Jewish.



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