Op de rug van Bigi Kayman


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“Op de Rug van Bigi Kayman” is a unique story about slavery.

Writer Henna Goudzand Nahar was inspired for this book by the life of the Brooskampers, who lived as slaves in Suriname and made themselves free by fleeing to a swamp area between the Suriname River and the Boven-Commewijne. According to legend, a huge caiman with grass on its back carried the first Brooskampers across.

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Kofi and Afi have to work all day. They were enslaved like their parents. When one day they hear that their father might be sold, they decide to flee. It becomes a perilous journey through the wilderness, where they come face to face with dangerous animals. When they finally get to the swamp where fugitives are said to live, there is no one to be seen. Did they come for nothing? They lose heart, until they suddenly see the large caiman…

Henna Goudzand Nahar writes for both children and adults. In 1988 she published her first adult story under the pseudonym of Amber Nahar, entitled “The Good Expectation”. In the years that followed, she focused on adult literature as well as on children’s books and reading stories. She also edited the collection “Contrapunts: myth in women’s art: an impression”, published reflective pieces in educational magazines and contributed to De Gids’s issue of Suriname. She is also known for her work for the Sesame Street reading stories.

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Henna Goudzand Nahar

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November 2021



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Hedy Tjin





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Op de rug van Bigi KaymanOp de rug van Bigi Kayman

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