On the Soft Edge of Space – Marleen Sleeuwits


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‘On the Soft Edge of Space’ is the first monograph about contemporary artist Marleen Sleeuwits.

For Kunsthal Light #24, Sleeuwits created the site-specific work Isomatrix in the Kunsthal’s display window.

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Am I looking at a photographic print, or is this part of the building? The installations of Marleen Sleeuwits (1980) blur the dividing lines between fiction and reality. Aided by bright neon lights, foil, photographic prints, and mirrors, she plays with perspective, reflection, and scale in architectural spaces. Examples of this are windows that continue beyond the ceiling, or the repetition of architectural details. It is her intention to temporarily alienate the visitors from their sense of time and location. Sleeuwits will be transforming the display window along the ramp into a spatial optical illusion for Kunsthal Light #24. She is inspired by the Kunsthal architecture that in her view contains elements of beauty and disorientation.

Published alongside this installation, the photo book “On the Soft Edge of Space” shows a retrospective of the work Marleen Sleeuwits made from 2010 until 2018 and is an artwork in its own right. The photo book features words by Freek Lomme, Edo Dijksterhuis, and Basje Boer.

You can still view this installation until 31 October 2021! More information about Isomatrix can be found here.

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31 x 24 cm


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November 2018


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