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Nicolaes Maes The Eavesdropper


High quality giclée reproduction of the artwork “The Eavesdropper” by Nicolaes Maes.

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About the original work

Between 1655 and 1657, Maes created at least six groundbreaking genre scenes featuring a central figure known as the “eavesdropper.” This painting, potentially the final installment in this thematic series, stands out as the largest and most ambitious of them all. In the left corner of the image, a group of individuals eagerly awaits service in an upstairs room, while the lady of the house, adorned in a luxurious red velvet jacket trimmed with fur, descends the stairs. In her left hand, she carries an empty wine glass, while a smile graces her face as she gazes out at the viewer. With a raised finger to her lips, she silently urges for discretion. By chance, she has noticed her maidservant engaged in a seductive encounter with a man on a lower level, causing her to neglect her duties. The viewer becomes an active participant in this scenario, unwittingly becoming an accomplice to the situation.

Maes left an indelible mark with his genre scenes. His depictions of everyday life, masterfully executed renderings of interiors and glimpses into adjacent rooms, and skillful use of light and shadow had a profound influence on artists in Delft, including Pieter de Hooch and Johannes Vermeer.

  • Title: The Eavesdropper
  • Artist: Nicolaes Maes
  • Year: 1657
  • Material: Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 92,5 × 122 cm
  • Location: Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht

Additional information

This painting by Nicolaes Maes is reproduced as a Giclée with an advanced 12-color printer that sprays the pigment inks onto the canvas or paper, layer by layer. Due to this large color spectrum and the high resolution, the reproduction is very close to the original.
The pigment inks used are UV-resistant, so that no discoloration can occur. The colors always remain beautiful and that is why we give an unlimited guarantee! You can order Giclees framed and unframed.


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