Menyala De buitengewone geschiedenis van de Molukkers in Drenthe


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After the war of independence in Indonesia, large groups of Moluccans came to the Netherlands. Of the nearly 13,000 Moluccans who arrived in 1951, about 3,000 ended up in Drenthe. Most were young and full of dreams for the future. The exhibition Menyala – Malay for ‘shine’ – uses a hundred objects, videos, photos, and spoken word to tell about the pain and sorrow, but also about the ambitions and ideals. It highlights the sensitive past with its raw edges, but also the passion and resilience of the Moluccan community. The exhibition will be on display until 1 October 2023.

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Nearly three thousand Moluccan men, women, and children ended up in Drenthe in 1951. They live spread over seven barracks camps and sometimes hardly know each other at first. It is unclear what the future will bring. Will they go back to the Moluccas or will they stay in the Netherlands? With the move to the Moluccan neighborhoods in Assen, Bovensmilde, and Hoogeveen, the last glimmer of hope for return disappears. Young Moluccans revolt. During the Moluccan actions in the 1970s, the eyes of the whole world were focused on Drenthe. In this book, you can read how the Moluccans ended up in the Netherlands, how the seven residential areas in Drenthe differed from each other, what the Moluccan actions in Drenthe brought about, how the Moluccans slowly but surely integrated in the meantime, and what development their identity went through. In between, the reader is introduced to seven young, ambitious Moluccans from Drenthe. They talk about their family history and their ambitions for the future.

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April 2023



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Menyala - De buitengewone geschiedenis van de Molukkers in DrentheMenyala De buitengewone geschiedenis van de Molukkers in Drenthe
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