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Mati Shirt – Sabi Suriname x Tropenmuseum


Will you be our new Sabi Suriname mati? Want to know more about the Sabi Suriname tour? Then come to the Tropenmuseum and join the Sabi Suriname Tour. We invite you to a ‘krutu’ (meeting) in which we make plans to spread more knowledge about Suriname and to tell stories.

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About Sabi Suriname

A special discovery has been made under the Tropenmuseum. A hitherto unknown world has been discovered on floor minus 7 in the Suriname depot. Come to Sabi Suriname and see for yourself.

In Sabi Suriname you will learn a lot about Suriname, the bond with the Netherlands and how Suriname is connected to the world. Cruise through Busi Kondre on a boat and play the What’s Where? game about what you encounter along the way. Discover the Surinamese cuisine and do your shopping in the toko for a delicious Surinamese dish. How do you get to Sabi Suriname? For that you have to go deep into the ground and enter a secret world.

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Weight0,225 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 3 cm
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Mati Shirt – Sabi Suriname x Tropenmuseum
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