Jewish Amsterdam


Thorough book about the history of the Jews in Amsterdam. Richly illustrated.

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Jews have played a significant role in Amsterdam over the past 400 years. Amsterdam or Mokum – the Jewish or Yiddish name familiar to everyone who livers here – is inseparable from the Jewish history of this city. 70.000 jews lived in Amsterdam – The ‘Jerusalem of the West’ – at the beginning of World War II. This war destroyed so very much, but in Amsterdam and it direct vicinity there are still many traces to remind us of the Jewish life that thrived here for many generations. Jewish Amsterdam brings history to life through its vivid descriptions of buildings and memorial centres, but also of Jewish shops, restaurants and other locations where everyday life took palce and in a revived form also partly does today. The writers relied at length on the available literature for those descriptions and enlivened their texts with scores of anecdotes. The entire book is extensively illustrated with contemporary photography and historical imagery; in this way providing an extremely dynamic depiction of Jewish life in Amsterdam.








Jan Stoutenbeek, Paul Vigeveno


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