Jeweled Bee lapel pin


The bee was a popular (French) symbol in the 18th century and was introduced by Napoleon at the Russian court. The original bee design, on which this pin is inspired, decorated a beautiful ornamental hair pin with diamonds, silver, gold and rubies. This pin was probably owned by Empress Elisabeth.

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Hermitage Amsterdam

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Hermitage Amsterdam

The jeweled bee lapel pin is made of pewter with a gold finish and Swarovski crystals.

Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage Amsterdam takes it as their mission to draw upon art and history to inspire, enrich, and offer the opportunity for reflection. By way of their exhibitions and activities, the museum presents world heritage from the collections of various museums in innovative ways. The museum also houses collections from other museums, including the Amsterdam Museum, the Rijksmuseum (the exhibition Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century), and Museum van de Geest | Dolhuys (Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art).

The museum is housed in the Amstelhof, a historical building that used to be a home for the elderly from the late 15th all the way to the early 21th century. Only in 2007, the last residents were moved out of the building, which was in dire need of renovation. Two years later, on 20 June 2009 the Hermitage Amsterdam was opened to the public with the launch of the exhibition At the Russian court.



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Pin BeeJeweled Bee lapel pin

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