Jan Bot is dead. Long live Jan Bot! (NFT Art)


Jan Bot is Eye Filmmuseum’s first artificial intelligence filmmaker. After five years of continuous effort creating poetic films that connect Internet news and old film archives, Jan Bot will be killed, and all of his work (more than 25,000 short films) will be lost.

Before it is too late, film and art lovers can save Jan Bot’s films by collecting them as NFTs.

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Eye Filmmuseum

Meet Jan Bot, Eye Filmmuseum’s first AI artist. Since 2018 Jan Bot has been making poetic films from old archival footage to comment on global news.
After five years of relentless production and more than 25 thousand artworks, Jan Bot’s technology has become obsolete.

On these grounds, it has been decided to ‘take out’ Jan Bot and preserve his legacy through a collection of five hundred unique (1/1) NFTs. By purchasing one of these cards, you can access a code to save a Jan Bot film, own one of his works and become a digital art collector.
Jan Bot is an artwork by digital artists Bram Loogman and Pablo Núñez in collaboration with Eye Filmmuseum. This project’s profits will be used to preserve film heritage.

Jan Bot is dead. Long live Jan Bot!

You can use this card to claim your NFT until 13/03/2023.

  • Jan Bot NFTs are created using the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain.
  • There is a maximum of 500 cards. Each card gives you the right to claim one NFT. Each artwork is a unique edition.
  • This project’s profits will be used to preserve film heritage.

Read more on www.jan.bot/nft/about

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Dimensions12 × 12 × 1 cm

JanBot_01, JanBot_02, JanBot_03, JanBot_04, JanBot_05, JanBot_06, JanBot_07, JanBot_08, JanBot_09, JanBot_10, JanBot_11, JanBot_12, JanBot_13, JanBot_14, JanBot_15, JanBot_16, JanBot_17, JanBot_18, JanBot_19, JanBot_20, JanBot_21, JanBot_22, JanBot_23, JanBot_24, JanBot_25


12×12 cm

Publication date

15 December 2022


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Eye Film Museum NFT Jan BotJan Bot is dead. Long live Jan Bot! (NFT Art)
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